Security Comes First

Naturally, parents have some questions about GuardianCam. “Who else can see my child?” That’s one we are asked a lot.

So here’s the answer: GuardianCam is for the exclusive use of the parents and extended family members of the childcare centers who offer our service. The only people who can see your child through GuardianCam are the ones who your childcare center approves. That’s the parents of the other children they attend with and sometimes an extended family member. These are probably the exact same people who see your child each day when they come to pick up their own.

Secure. Secure. Secure. When your center first installs GuardianCam, there is a three-step security process for gaining access to the system. First, you’ll need your childcare center’s GuardianCam ID, which only your center can provide (not even GuardianCam will disclose this to a parent). Then you’ll need to register online, providing information that your center director will use to verify that you are really you. After you have completed the application, your center director uses that information to either approve or deny your request for a password. Moms and Dads must each have their own unique passwords. (Sharing time is over.)

After the initial triple-check security process, GuardianCam’s system automatically monitors the use of each and every password. Our system is very good at catching on to people who share their password (a definite no-no.) Passwords that have been abused are turned off immediately.

So is GuardianCam secure? You bet it is. Security is our most important task and we’re very good at it!