Parents Love GuardianCam

GuardianCam installs secure Internet cameras in childcare centers throughout the United States. Using GuardianCam, parents can see their children throughout the day from anywhere they have Internet access. Moms and Dads tell us how great that makes them feel, every single day. After all, is there anything that makes you as a parent happier than seeing the face of your son or daughter?

No doubt, GuardianCam’s biggest fans are you, the parents. We give you the ability to look in and see your child from work, home or on the road. You’ll see her smiling. You’ll see him playing. You’ll see them learning and having fun. Then you’ll smile too. Joy abounds!

Childcare centers that have GuardianCam have a truly open-door policy! One word of caution: Once your childcare center has GuardianCam, you’ll never leave your little one in a center without it!