Help Center

GuardianCam is here to help you. We have found that our Help Center addresses most support questions. Please review the questions and answers below. If you're still in need of help, please contact Customer Service.

I forgot my username or password, what do I do?

Please use our automated password reset feature for forgotten passwords.


Can I watch on my iPhone or Android device?

Yes, you can watch through your device's web browser. At this time we do not offer native apps for iOS or Android.


Can I share my password with family members?

No, GuardianCam monitors concurrent account use as part of our security policies. Parents are entitled to invite family members to create their own account. Simply sign in, then select "Family Accounts".


Can I record or playback the video at a certain time?

No. GuardianCam does not record video.


Between 1-3pm, why is the video dark and blurry?

This is usually the time that the schools set aside for nap time and the lights have been turned off.


Why does the picture refresh so slowly?

GuardianCam uses security industry standard still image refresh technology to provide the best quality image at a lower refresh rate. Refresh rates will depend upon the bandwidth available at your childcare center.