Teacher Info

Teachers at childcare centers that feature GuardianCam’s Internet viewing system are pleasantly surprised when they learn how it works. Here are some facts about how the GuardianCam System works that are very important to teachers:

  • The GuardianCam system is video only—there is no sound or audio component whatsoever. Teacher conversations, instructions and verbal interactions with the children or each other, are never heard.
  • The cameras are stationary and cannot pan, tilt, or zoom. Each camera is typically positioned to provide a wide-angle view of a large area or an entire classroom. There is no way to zoom in on a particular individual.
  • All cameras are prominently displayed in common areas. There are no exceptions.
  • The purpose of the GuardianCam system is to enable working Moms and Dads to see their children. GuardianCam brings a smile to a working Mother’s face by letting her see her child during the day. Parents use GuardianCam to see their children, not to see the teachers.
  • Teachers in schools that offer GuardianCam tell us that the feedback they receive from parents is overwhelmingly positive. “I never knew how hard you worked until we had GuardianCam.” Teachers tell us they receive more compliments from parents than ever before. “Thank you so much for all you do with the children.”
  • GuardianCam representatives are available to answer your questions. To learn more, visit our web site, ask your director to arrange for a demonstration, or invite a GuardianCam representative to attend one your teacher meetings.

Teachers in GuardianCam centers tell us over and over, “At first I was a little concerned, but after a week or so I forgot it was even there.” When your center makes it possible for working Moms and Dads to see their children, they’ll thank you for making it possible. GuardianCam brings smiles to working Moms and Dads.