Parent Testimonials

We wanted you to hear what Parents had to say in schools where GuardianCam is already available. So we put a request for feedback up on our website and asked Parents for permission to share their words. We were overwhelmed with the replies! ALL of the testimonials below came in less than one day!

What a brilliant system you have created that allows us parents to "watch in" on our children. Along with the many benefits of Jenna's preschool, the added feature of GuardianCam solidified our decision in choosing this education center. My hope is that all childcare providers utilize this service. Thank you for developing a "comforting resource".

Janelle Collins from Walla Walla, WA

Last year I had life saving surgery and had to stay in the hospital for a month. My husband needed to return to work so he put my younger two children into a preschool. I was saddened by this but relieved thanks to the GuardianCam. I was able to check on my children at anytime during the day. It helped me to recover knowing that my kids were well taken care of and I could check on them at any time. I liked what I saw of the teachers so much that now I am working there:-)

Amy Hulett from San Diego, CA

GuardianCam is a fantastic program! I would give anything to be able to stay at home with my children, but financial responsibilities prevent that from being an option. Being able to see my girls throughout the day makes it so much easier to be away from them! When I am feeling down, I just log in and seeing them puts a smile on my face! Thank you!

Dena Kulus from Omaha, NE

I frequently traveled to foreign countries with my business. As a mother, the fear of being half way around the world from your child is almost overwhelming. The anxiety I felt before I left was tremendous. However, the comfort I experienced, for example in the middle of the night from China or Russia, I could log on to GuardianCam and see my little darling playing and happy meant everything to me. The only thing to compare with it was the sensation I got when my return flight began its descent to home. Thank you GuardianCam.

Sandy Hyle from San Diego, California

You can't imagine the eyes of envy from fellow business associates who have children at preschool and would love to "peak in" on them throughout the day. It is my shot of energy and peace of mind which keeps me going through the remainder of each day! And, what a help it is to have the opportunity to have a meaningful dinner chat about "what did you do today in school?". Once we get the usual "nothing," we are able to remind them of activities we may have viewed on GuardianCam. Thank you!

Jillian Muschell from Leucadia, California

I LOVE GuardianCam!! It gives me the piece of mind to know that my daughter REALLY is OK during the day, and that she IS receiving the services they tell me about. In addition to my benefits, it gives my family members around the globe an opportunity to see my daughter everyday. The most precious to me is my dad in Alaska. My daughter is his first grandchild, and yet because of distance, he only gets to see her in person once a year. GuardianCam gives him the opportunity to bridge the gap and see her everyday!

Beth Hendricks from Escondido, CA

What I really like about GuardianCam is that I can see most everything that is going on without interrupting school. I feel it is really important to know what is going on with your child rather it be what he or she is doing at that time. I log in all the time just to see my grand baby and it makes me happy to know I can see her anytime I want. Without GuardianCam I would worry all the time about what my grand baby is doing and wondering alot.

Melinda Newton from Omaha, NE

The GuardianCam website has been wonderful. It is very easy to use and I love being able to quickly log in and see what the kids are working on. The only thing that would make this better would be a camera that looks out on the playground! Keep up the good work.

Denise from Poway, CA

Color viewing is a bonus. Realtime viewing of activities is excellent. The more eyes watching the better we feel.

Gary Stanford from San Marcos, CA

GuardianCam is amazing!! I recently enrolled my daughter in a school that is equipped with this amazing technology and not only does it give me peace of mind while I'm at work and also makes my daughter feel more comfortable at school. As a working mother one of my main concerns when looking for a school was safety and how they treat the kids. All I could do before I found this wonderful school was to check references verbally and even then, you don't even know the person your talking to. My daughter is my life and being able to watch her anytime I want from work, home or on the road brings a huge smile to my face. Even the other mother's I work with are envious!!

Allyson Smith from Fullerton, CA

GuardianCam is a wonderful service, we picked the pre-school because they used this service. We love being able to see our daughter in school.

Ellen Nakamura from Carlsbad, CA

It makes me so much better able to do my work, knowing I can peek in on my son at any time to be sure he's having a good day. My son loves it when I pick him up and say, "I saw you playing on the cameras today!"

Kathy Hord from San Diego, CA

I love this site. It's nice knowing your children can be watched it reassures parents.

Jan Harper from Walla Walla, Washington

It brings a great peace of mind to know that I can check in on my child any time of day.

Darryl Makepeace from San Diego, CA

LOVE it!! It is so nice to be able to log on and see my daughter throughout the day. It's hard to send her off to daycare all day but I can at least see that she's well treated and having a good time :-)

Tina Stein from Fort Collins, CO

The GuardianCam site provides an extremely useful service by allowing us to keep an eye on our daughter. Especially on days when there are special indoor events, recently St. Patrick's Day celebration. Sometimes I cannot be there but with this program I can see how she is doing. Thanks GuardianCam team.

Ravi Nukala from Fremont, CA

I love being able to watch what my son is doing throughout the day. I can see how he is interacting with the other kids and how he is sleeping at naptime. I have even seen him disobeying the teacher (which was not typical for him) and was able to talk to him and the teacher about it. GuardianCam is a great way to stay connected with my son while I am at work!

Theresa from Carlsbad, CA

I love being a click away from seeing my daughter enjoy her day at school!! It gives us both a sense of security knowing she can wave to the camera and blow a kiss to mommy watching from home. GuardianCam is the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you for giving our family peace of mind!

Tracey from San Diego, CA

Having GuardianCam is a great benefit for us parents who cannot be with our children during the workday it allows us to peak in on them and it gives the child a comfortable feeling just knowing mom or dad can see them, it is so convenient for parents who are not able to attend some of the schools class functions, they just log on to GuardianCam and join in. Thank you so much for GuardianCam, the technology is Fabulous.

Margaret Rivera from Tucson, Arizona

Having GuardianCam at my fingertips helps me to be able to stay focused at work because I know my children are in safe hands and just a click away.

Michelle from Walla Walla, Washington

GuardianCam is a necessity for every daycare! It has taken away the number one worry for me and for any parent with children in daycare - "how do i know what is happening with my child during the day when I can't see them?" I check in on my son all the time and it gives me such a sense of comfort. Thank you for your product. It should be mandatory at every daycare!

Laura Porter from Carlsbad, CA

I love GuardianCam! The website is easy to use and it gives me security in knowing my daughter is just a click away. I am a working mother and it is nice that I can watch her during her daily activities. Thank you GuardianCam!

Christine Kusuda from Poway, CA

GuardianCam provides a peace of mind for the working mom. Being able to see Michael through GuardianCam eases my nerves and stress. Nothing is better for stress-relieving than being able to see my kid happily playing at the pre-school.

Susan Wang from Fremont, CA

One of the main reasons why I transferred my 5 month old to Discovery Isle was the fact that they offered GuardianCam. It gives my husband and I a piece of mind to know that with a few clicks of a button, we can see our baby and what she's doing. It's definitely the best thing to ever happen as far as daycare is concerned. It's better than having private care at home where you can't see what's going on.

Mary Stanford from San Marcos, CA

I have recently enrolled my 3yr old son and have found the GuardianCam to be comforting for a first time parent like myself. I can log in when ever I want to and view him playing or in circle time with the other children. The GuardianCam has definitely put my mind at ease when my son is at school.

K. Ortega from Milpitas, CA.

I enjoy seeing what my son is doing during the day. When he first started at the daycare it was good to see how he was handling the transition from home to daycare. This made our family very happy to monitor his experiences, and to relieve any apprehension we had about sending him to daycare.

Andrew Porter from Carlsbad

You know what else is nice, I can watch him and when he wakes up from his nap, I can run down and get him. Rather than leaving work to get there and have him right in the middle of a nap, I can stay at work right until he wakes up!

Reese Saward from San Diego, Ca

GuardianCam has allowed me to feel safe and secure about sending my child to school. I can logon anytime during school session and see my child thriving in their nurturing environment. Thank you GuardianCam for protecting the most important people in my life.

Deanna Flanagan from Carlsbad, CA

During my daughters first week at school the GuardianCam was a great comfort to me. I enjoy seeing her explore her environment and interacting with her teacher. I very happy with the service!

Joan Helfond from San Marcos, CA

Having GuardianCam at my daughter's childcare center really helps keep me connected to her while I am at work. It is reassuring to see her care providers interacting with her throughout the day.

Amy Bass from Tucson, AZ

When I first decided to my put 2 year old in a daycare facility, I was really concerned. I had heard many horror stories. I was able to finally pick one because I knew that with GuardianCam I would be able to watch his every move. They made me feel better about my son's safety! Thanks GuardianCam!

Shawn Sanders from San Diego, CA

I love GuardianCam because I can see what my little girl is up to all day at school. If I can't be there it's nice to trust that I can see whenever needed. Thanks GuardianCam.

Jamie Ferris from Fallbrook, CA

I never feel my kid is growing without me because I can see him every moment. Sharing the time with my kid. I feel good at work because I know my kid is safe and happy.

Jennifer Teng from Fremont, CA

GuardianCam is GREAT! I love being able to 'peek' in to see how my son is doing during the day. I can then ask him what it was he was working on during that time and he tells me all about his day (not just what I saw). He will also ask me if I saw when something in particular happened and then explain what it was. It's a great conversation piece for on the way home. Thanks for having this available to us!

Pam Himmelmann from Tucson, Arizona

How many parents wonder what your child's school day is like? Are they interacting with others, are they learning wonderful new things, are they eating their lunch? GuardianCam gives me peace of mind; it's a comfort to know you can check in on your child anytime from any computer, work or home.

Patricia Magallanez from San Diego, California

I love the service you provide at GuardianCam! I live in California, and my daughter works at a pre-school in Colorado. My 2-year old granddaughter attends the same pre-school where my daughter works - so I have an added bonus of seeing both of them during the day! It's so wonderful to be able to keep in touch with them and see them going about their daily routines. I'm able to watch my grandbaby interact with other children, work with the teacher, try new things, and sing & dance during music class. Keep up the great service, GuardianCam!!

Barbara Brill from Encinitas, CA

GuardianCam gives me piece of mind while I'm at the office. It's great to be able to "check in" periodically throughout the day!

Suzanne Nathan from Ashburn, VA

WOW! WOW! I love it, I am lost for words. I feel comfortable leaving him, knowing that with just a click of a finger I can see him. Thank you and Thanks Phoenix First Childcare for making life easier.

Sheila Rider from Phoenix, AZ

I love the cam, I watch my granddaughter Cassidy every morning from Payson Az. I only see her and my daughter twice a year and this gives me the chance to see them both, they wave at me. You have no idea what it means to her Gramma and Grampa to watch her grow. Her teachers look very gentle towards the children. I can see them play and also make things. I will miss her when she goes to school full time. Thank you GuardianCam.

Betty Hurst from Payson, Arizona

I love the secure feeling that GuardianCam gives me and my family. GuardianCam gives me the ability to watch my kids play, learn and take naps. GuardianCam also allows me to know that my kids are receiving the best of care in a safe and secure environment.

Keith Huddleston from San Jose, Ca

I like the idea of the GuardianCam, it gives us parents the chance to see what our children are up to, and how they inter-act with other children. It also gives me the comfort to know I can check up on him, without leaving work and to know he is in a safe place. Thank you GuardianCam!

Michelle Carrillo from Tucson, Arizona

I think GuardianCam is great. I can check up on my child throughout the day without ever leaving my desk.

Valerie Hall from Phoenix, AZ

I love it! Being able to check in on my child when I am away is wonderful. Also, being able to see his behavior and interactions with other children are great to see. Keep up the good work GuardianCam!!!!

Robbie Folker from San Diego, CA.

My son's new daycare is farther away from my office, so I like having the webcam available to peek in on my son.

Maria Rudolph from Centreville, VA

I love GuardianCam. I am always on the PC at work and it nice to know my child is safe and sound and I can see what going on at the click of the mouse.

Silvia Mollner from Carlsbad, CA