How to get Started

This document is prepared for the childcare center owner or director. (Parent’s are free to pass it along to the owner or director of their childcare center!)

GuardianCam would be pleased to present you with a proposal for providing equipment and service for your Internet-enabled viewing system. We’ll provide you with a detailed list of the equipment and services, and the estimated costs. A GuardianCam representative is available to answer any questions you might have now, or after you receive a proposal. For now, here’s an overview of how it works.

We Do The Work, You’re In Control
GuardianCam does all the work for you. We will install Internet-enabled cameras in all the rooms you choose, or web-enable existing cameras that you already have installed. There are no computers for you to manage and no hassles. The cameras will be securely configured to be accessible from the GuardianCam network, where we manage everything. We’ll provide passwords only to the parents that you approve in advance. Even then, you have complete control at all times to turn off a parent’s account, turn off a single camera, or turn off all cameras! You can even do these things remotely from anywhere you have Internet access. We do the work—but you remain in control.

What Are The Monthly Costs
There are two types of charges associated with Internet viewing. There is the cost of the equipment, and the cost of the monthly service.

Equipment Costs
After we hear from you and learn a little bit about your center, we’ll be able to provide you with a list of Equipment (cameras and video servers) required to get your Internet viewing system up and running. We’ll show you three ways that you can pay for your system, including financing options that make for an easy monthly payment.

Service Fee
There is a monthly service fee to host your cameras on the secure GuardianCam network. Here, your parents will login, be authenticated and given access to your secure Internet viewing system. This is also where you will have access to the tools you need to approve parent accounts, view the usage logs and other administrative features.

Once your equipment costs are fully paid (usually 24 months) you’ll pay only the monthly service fee!

Internet Access
It is the client’s responsibility to have “always on” Internet access available at the facility at the time GuardianCam is to install the system. The speed of the Internet service you have available will impact the speed of the images available to your authorized viewers. Services such as T1 and cable modem typically provide the best “streaming video”. Fast DSL service can also provide streaming video quality. The speed of your Internet service is between you and your provider. However, a GuardianCam technician is available by phone to talk with you about your options, or to help you find providers with the best possible service in your area.

Do most centers charge the parents for using the system? (No.)
We leave the running of your business to you. However, we strongly recommend that you include the GuardianCam Internet viewing system as part of your program, available to all parents, at no additional charge. Centers that do so, tell us over and over that their customers “brag to all their friends” about how they can see their child throughout the day! All of your parents become your free sales people, sending new clients your way! Sit back, relax, and watch your enrollment grow. It really works!

How GuardianCam pays for itself
You can expect that GuardianCam will pay for itself with the addition of just 1 or 2 new enrollments. Most of our centers report that they pick up more than that within the first 30 days. Several have reported increases of 5, 10 even 15 new enrollments! Clearly GuardianCam is a revenue booster for childcare centers!

How Long Does It Take
We can prepare a proposal for you in just a few days. After you have reviewed and signed the proposal and have been approved for the financing option you select, we’re ready to roll! Your Internet viewing system can be up and running in two to four weeks! Remember, you will need to have your high-speed internet access working before GuardianCam can be installed.

How To Get Started
Call your GuardianCam representative and tell them you would like a free proposal prepared for your center. We will send you a detailed proposal including the costs and the GuardianCam Service Agreement. We’ll also include information about financing options to ensure that you have several choices.