Director Testimonials

Childcare Center Owners, Directors and Teachers are big fans of GuardianCam too! Why? First, because parents love having their children in centers that offer GuardianCam. They LOVE it and they thank YOU for making it available. Moreover, Childcare Centers tell us that once parents have GuardianCam they realize how hard their team works to provide engaging, quality childcare. You and your team will receive more compliments and "thank yous" than ever before. Don't take our word for it, let them tell you in their own words...

GuardianCam has substantially increased enrollment and retention in all three of my schools and I am looking forward to having it installed in my fourth school as soon as it is finished being built. When we demonstrate to a parent touring our school the features the GuardianCam Internet based viewing system, it becomes a large factor in that parent deciding to enroll at Discovery Isle Child Development Center. Our enrollment rates are by far the highest of the pre-schools in surrounding areas, and I attribute that to offering quality childcare, a professional educated staff and the GuardianCam System. I can strongly attest that GuardianCam is a service that parents want to see in their childcare centers.

Cindy Borneman, Owner, Discovery Isle, San Marcos, CA

I think this is the most wonderful thing. As a employee of a daycare center it makes me feel wonderful that my parents can watch their children why they are at work. I also can watch the children when I am at home and can keep a close eye onto everything going on. I think it makes parents feel more secure about leaving their children in a daycare center. Hopefully the word will get out and more centers will enroll in the GuardianCam program.

Denise Wethington, Children’s Castle, Jacksonville, NC

GuardianCam has played a HUGE role in converting tours to enrollments! We are the only center in our county which offers this service, and I have parents who come from as far away as 20 miles to attend the center for the viewing. Our teachers are very excited that the parents get to SEE what they do during the day, and many parents log onto GuardianCam instead of calling the classrooms to check on their child.

Beth Hendricks, Director, San Marcos, CA

We have some very excited parents in our remote community. Weekly we have new inquires from parents in the community wanting a tour, and asking us how we like the cameras in the classroom. GuardianCam is one of our greatest assets, along with a wonderful staff, a great program and a new beautiful facility. Most of the "Professionals" in our area are thrilled that they can look in on their children at will during the day. (They do check regularly) It has had a very positive impact on our enrollment.

Judy Robinson, RKidz Preschool, Walla Walla, WA

The parent response from the GuardianCam system has been incredible. I have seen enrollment and retention rates increase dramatically since we went with GuardianCam. The impact of the GuardianCam system has far exceeded my expectations, so has the GuardianCam staff. We are constantly getting compliments from our parents. We have some military/traveling parents who miss months of their children’s lives. This is the perfect way for them to stay connected.

Lea Ortega, Disciples Christian Preschool, San Diego, CA

We thought about GuardianCam for seven or eight months and we finally decided to go with it. We have found that it is not only good for the parents but for us here at the center as well. Parent’s are really excited about getting it going. As a matter of fact, we enrolled five families as a result of getting the system, within the first two weeks!

Kimberly McClure, Executive Director, New Baxter Childcare Center, Pueblo, CO