About Us

Welcome to GuardianCam. GuardianCam helps childcare centers improve their parent communications. Our core product is an Internet viewing system that enables parents to see their children throughout the day from anywhere they have Internet access. Our suite of tools built around this system, helps childcare centers communicate with their parents.

GuardianCam customers are premiere childcare facilities that want to showcase their schools and quality of service. They are both large and small childcare centers that offer an exceptional environment for children to learn, grow and play. That’s why parents entrust them with their children. We help these types of centers to extend their open door policy to parents who travel or cannot leave the office to see their children while they are in the care of the childcare facility.

Childcare centers that offer GuardianCam see a significant increase in their enrollment. It’s easy to understand—Given the choice, parents overwhelmingly choose a center where they can see their children anytime, from anywhere.

Tell any parent about GuardianCam’s Internet viewing system and they’ll say "Wow, that’s a great idea." That’s why parents look for childcare centers with GuardianCam Internet viewing.

GuardianCam’s system is safe, secure and reliable. GuardianCam is a name to trust.